About the Business Coaching Alliance

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The Business Coaching Alliance in ReddingHow the Business Coaching Alliance Works

You’ll develop new perspectives, new ways of looking at challenges from people who have the experience and wisdom to create the right questions and guide you to the right answers. You’ll learn tips and techniques for generating new opportunities, solving problems and making more money.

You’ll spend time around the table with other business owners just like yourself brainstorming your specific “Big Issues.” You’ll share your challenges and opportunities and get their experience, and ideas. And it’s all in total confidence. Each member must sign a confidentiality agreement that nothing said in the room leaves the room.

Important Note: Membership is industry-exclusive. Only one company from each business category can be a member. This allows total confidentiality for each member.

Logo for Business Marketing CompanyThe History

Paul Barth founded Hunter Barth Advertising in Newport Beach, California. In the mid nineties, the firm was acquired by its management team led by Wes Phillips and is now known as Orange Label Art + Advertising. It remains the longest-standing, privately held advertising agency in Southern California. Paul continues to consult with their management team.

Paul also launched a highly successful radio station in Redding, California, followed by a joint venture on a second station. After six years of profitable operation both stations were sold with a solid Return on Investment (ROI). Paul then began to devote full time to his passion – helping business owners grow their companies into market leaders.

Paul’s career is highlighted by his remarkable ability to quickly define, understand, and address the core issues and opportunities of an enterprise. His unique skills center on asking the “right” questions, listening with discernment, and defining the core issues in an actionable manner. He is able to bridge business challenges and approach growth from a motivational point of view.

Sought out by companies and organizations for his experience and expertise, Paul works with business owners and management teams to focus on critical problem-solving and identifying strategic growth areas. He also regularly conducts workshops on leadership and change facilitation.