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What do the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Golfer Phil Mickelson, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple and actor Leonardo De Caprio all have in common? They all have great coaching. At some point every business owner realizes that running a good business is like running a good football team, or being a great golfer or great actor: Great Performance is a process that takes Good Coaching.


That’s why the Business Coaching Alliance was created—to give small and mid-size business owners in Northern California and Southern Oregon the opportunity for great coaching. Membership in each group is limited to one owner from any one business type to ensure total confidentiality.

There are 3 powerful reasons smart business owners want to be a member of BCA: Solve Problems + Create Opportunities + Grow Income

How it Works

You’ll be part of a group of other smart business owners who meet monthly in an action-packed forum. It includes an interactive “Chalk Talk” on tried and proven-successful business Tips and Techniques and an afternoon of “peer coaching,” guided by the Chairperson, where you can share your challenges with the other owners who will listen and brainstorm ideas to help give you a new focus. Plus, you’ll get monthly one-on-one coaching time with your Chairperson, someone who’s “been there, done that.”


How many times have you heard, ‘work smarter not harder?”

That’s what the Business Coaching Alliance is all about, helping you work smarter. That means making it easier to run your business by having some outside input from people who get it. Creating new opportunities. And making more money.

Serving Northern California and Southern Oregon


Business Workshops

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Educational Seminars

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Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Paul Barth

    Founder and Business Coach

    About Paul Barth

    Paul Barth founded Hunter Barth Advertising in Newport Beach, California. In the mid nineties, the firm was acquired by its management team led by Wes Phillips and is now known as Orange Label Art + Advertising. It remains the longest-standing, privately held advertising agency in Southern California. Paul continues to consult with the firm and participate in selected client relationships.

    Paul also launched a highly successful radio station in Redding, California, followed by a joint venture on a second station. After six years of profitable operation both stations were sold with a solid return on investment. Paul then began to devote full time to his passion – helping business owners grow their companies into market leaders.

    Paul’s career is highlighted by his remarkable ability to quickly define, understand, and address the core issues and opportunities of an enterprise. His unique skills center on asking the “right” questions, listening with discernment, and defining the core issues in an actionable manner. He is able to bridge business challenges and approach growth from a motivational point of view.

    Sought out by companies and organizations for his experience and expertise, Paul works with business owners and management teams to focus on critical problem-solving and identifying strategic growth areas. He also regularly conducts workshops on leadership and change facilitation.

  • Testimonial

    Bill Jacobson

    Co-Founder and CEO

    About Bill Jacobson

    Bill Jacobson served as a Program Manager for one of the largest defense contractors in the U.S. The programs he managed included military jet aircraft for international customers, including Australia, Finland, Spain and Switzerland. These programs consisted of domestic U.S. production of the aircraft, coproduction of aircraft in the user countries, as well as direct and indirect offset.

    The success of these huge endeavors hinged on Bill’s ability to establish effective organization, direction and control of all the parties responsible. From the internal organizations of his own company, to those of other U.S and foreign companies involved. He also needed to work effectively with various customers including the U.S. and foreign military as well as government officials.

    Mr. Jacobson brings highly effective organizational and management skills to the equation based on real world experience. He also brings insight into a broad spectrum of disciplines including marketing, operations, finance, contracts and procurement.

  • Testimonial

    Sheris Fine

    Business Coach

    About Sheris Fine

    Sheris Fine held an executive leadership position at a Fortune 500 financial services company for over 20 years. An important part of her responsibilities was the hiring, mentoring and coaching of managers, supervisors and staff. She had oversight of 600 employees who delivered world class service and products to the membership.

    Sheris became a leader in this progressive company helping to develop, implement and monitor processes. She was also an important part of the development and delivery of the best customer service training programs in the business. The company earned the J. D. Power award in Customer Service several times over and the Harris Poll for Brand of the Year.

    Sheris brings a high level of leadership and mentoring skills as well as extensive in-depth knowledge and background in process improvement and customer service delivery.

Watch Your Productivity Grow

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From Industry Experts

And Proven Leaders

For a Better Income and a Better Lifestyle


  • Testimonial
    Brent Taylor, General Manager at Taylor Motors

    I have lots of advisors available to me---our lawyer, our CPA, my family, even the industry associations we belong to. But what I need, and what I get, is a one-on-one sounding board around the issues we all face on a daily basis. It helps me think out loud and keeps me focused.

  • Testimonial
    Randy Hansen, Owner at Express Staffing Professionals

    Starting and managing the ongoing operations of a business has challenges. As an owner, I had to wear many hats, handle many responsibilities, and go in many directions. It was easy to become scattered, disorganized and ineffective. They (Paul Barth) provided an opportunity for safe and confidential communication and exchange. They listened to my challenges and helped me organize my thoughts and create an opportunity for action. They helped nurture and grow me as a business person and leader and learn how to manage and focus on key activities that produced amazing results.”

  • Testimonial
    Gary Engell, Owner of Crown Camera

    They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but even after over 50 years in business they helped me see problems and opportunities in a new light. They can help distill a long explanation into a short but powerful suggestion. Running a business doesn’t get a lot simpler year to year and I value having the Strategic Business Alliance available to me.

  • Testimonial
    Matt Morgan, CEO, Optimize Worldwide

    Being able to get coaching from people who have actually started and run successful businesses is valuable to me because they “get it.” And it’s not only about problem solving, it’s also about guidance and encouragement, keeping me pushed in the right direction.

Become Part of The Business Coaching Alliance

Solving Problems. Creating Opportunities. Growing Income.

I remember it clearly, like it was yesterday. One day I woke up and realized that I no longer worked for someone, I was now totally in charge of a real business with real possibilities and real demands.

And I was alone. The only person I had to rely on was me.

That’s when I realized that I needed some coaching and brainstorming on guiding and growing a business. Everything from how to manage time and delegate, set priorities, how to market, manage finances, manage and motivate people, how to deal with discouragement when things go sideways and, how to make more money.

Every business owner comes to know that running a business is very much like running a football or baseball team—great performance, great leadership is a process that takes on-going coaching. The challenges of growing a business require constantly developing and fine-tuning leadership skills.

That’s where the powerful benefit of being part of a Business Coaching Alliance comes in.

Helping business owners gain the traction they need to meet their goals

BCA Membership Includes:

Monthly group meetings

  • 8:30-9:00 AM
    Coffee and Conversation

    Coffee and conversation with fellow members

  • 9:00-11:00 AM
    Chalk Talk

    Here is where the strategic coaching starts. Each month a detailed presentation is offered around one tried and true principle of running a successful business and building wealth. One specific topic, dozens of great ideas and important insights. There’s even dialogue between the Chairperson and members on how each principle would apply to their business.

  • 11:00-12:00 PM
    Guest Speaker

    Each month an industry expert offers insights on a specific aspect of business. One month it may be an HR expert on how to handle employee issues, another month it might be a banker talking about how to build a banking relationship or get an SBS loan, a marketing expert explaining how to use the new digital media, a financial advisor on building and holding on to wealth, or a presentation on how to build stronger customer relationships.

  • 12:00-4:00 PM
    Peer Coaching

    Each member presents their #1 most important Challenge of the Month. Other members ask questions, dive into the issue and help paint a more detailed picture. Ideas are kicked around, and chances are that one or more of the other members have dealt with the same issue. Each member leaves with new insight and a go-forward action plan.

One-on-one Coaching

Each member has monthly one-on-one coaching with the Chairperson. This provides the opportunity to dig deeper into current issues, bring more momentum to previous issues, and put new thoughts and ideas on the table for brainstorming.

  • It’s about having an experienced, intelligent adviser who—most important of all—knows how to listen and hear what is truly being shared.
  • It’s about accountability—ensuring that problems get solved, opportunities are explored, and moving the business forward in a positive and profitable manner.

Moment’s Notice Availability

Whether by phone, text or email, the chairperson is always available for questions, to provide a sounding board or a different perspective, or maybe just listen. There are no limits, the Chairperson is always there for you.

Business Coaching
That Really Works!

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